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Testimony of the Month

Robin - “completely recovered from chronic headaches...”
added 12-2015 | 3:58


Testimony of the Month

Rochelle - “...a whole new life...”
added 12-2015 | 4:56


Testimony of the Month

Raymond - “I had severe neck pain...”
added 2-2014 | 5:27


Testimony of the Month

Isabel - “I’m off my insulin...”
added 1-2014 | 2:13


Testimony of the Month

Erwin - “... walking was very difficult...”
added 1-2014 | 2:13



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Any Priority vs. No Priority 04-24-2015

I have come to realization that I blog with the same fervor that many people have towards exercising - good intentions when starting out, but the follow-through is lacking. The problem, I think, is that intentions are fine but without prioritization the results are just not productive. When we prioritize something we give it value - even if it turns out to have low priority. "Low priority" turns out to be way better than "no priority". No priority does not mean it is not important to us - it is just that we have not effectively fit it in to our lives.



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