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Testimony of the Month

Robin - “completely recovered from chronic headaches...”
added 12-2015 | 3:58


Testimony of the Month

Rochelle - “...a whole new life...”
added 12-2015 | 4:56


Testimony of the Month

Raymond - “I had severe neck pain...”
added 2-2014 | 5:27


Testimony of the Month

Isabel - “I’m off my insulin...”
added 1-2014 | 2:13


Testimony of the Month

Erwin - “... walking was very difficult...”
added 1-2014 | 2:13



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Doc’s Aside Dr. Dana Clark's Blog

Information Overload 02-18-2016

Watching health trends come and go and then come again reminds me of the old saying “the more things change the more they stay the same”. Sure, they are repackaged as new generations of experts seek to make their mark and establish credibility, but the repackaging is not enough to fool the discerning eye. It is quite prevalent in the field nutrition: eggs are good, then bad and then good again.



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